Lung cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Despite advances in treatment, the prognosis remains poor, with a five-year survival rate of only 15%. The complex biology of lung cancer renders it resistant to the classical chemotherapy.
Therefore, the identification of hidden pathways of lung carcinogenesis and the development of novel therapeutic strategies for this high-mortality process are high-profile scientific goals of our team.
ImmunePharma aims to understand the direct link between chronic inflammation and lung tumor outgrowth, focusing on specific pro-inflammatory signaling pathway/s that favor tumor cell proliferation.
The biotechnology underlying ImmunePharma’s activities has been designed to both prevent the establishment of lung cancer and address the unmet medical needs by treating patients in a personalized manner.
The development of diagnostic devices that early predict/diagnose lung cancer and an appropriate therapeutic strategy based on the personalized medicine, which are highly required, provide the amelioration of patients’ lives.
The core activity is the development of innovative non-invasive diagnostic and prognostic methods carried out on a simple blood test and/or other biological fluid.
Moreover, the ImmunePharma s.r.l. has expertise in medicinal chemis

try and drug delivery to develop and produce new selective small molecule drugs, able to inhibit the target protein identified as a specific biomarker for lung carcinogenesis, in appropriate pharmaceutical formulations.